To do list…

I am in one of those dreaded states of paralysis in which I have the time to work but no work is getting itself produced. I feel like President Bush attempting to hold a press conference about a natural disaster. I could blame myself, my lack of discipline, my laziness, but it’s easier to just say this unwelcome state of mind and heart has just come upon me like the weather. I have been here before.

I usually find it helpful to listen to lots of Mumford and Sons and to make a writer’s to-do list. Here is the list (with Credence Clearwater Revival playing in the background….) Readers will have to supply your own imagination for the music as I am keeping this blog simple, like me….

My Writer’s To Do List:

1. Finish and send registration for Summer Residency at Ashland.

2. Complete editing of my “Middle People” essay and determine which lucky journal gets a crack it first. Editing a prose article ranks among my least favorite activities in the whole world. Writing the first draft was fun.

3.Finish reading the kindle poetry of Maurice Manning that I ordered weeks ago and have not started.

4.Finish last month’s bookclub book and start May’s selection so I can actually attend bookclub in May.

5.Put one word in front of the other and write some poetry.

6. Start selection of poems to be work-shopped at summer residency.

Part of the reason the writing is not happening is my life is in flux. We are moving again. I am excited about the move to a better neighborhood and to a completely beautiful and finished Tudor-style house. It’s just some of my poetry books are already in boxes for the move. I am not sure I can write without my pile of poetry books always accessible to me. I also have a massive non-writing to-do list that relates to the move. This too shall pass. I am starting to imagine where my writing spot will be in the new house. I don’t even want to write the non-writing to-do list. It’s massive.


Baby…the ultimate writer’s block

I have the most adorable reason for not working on my writing all this week! My first grandson was born a few days ago so life as we know it has been temporarily suspended. I am cleaning and cooking and have to get my house ready for my daughters’ return this weekend. They are so excited to meet Baby A. I would post pictures (I would love to show my grandbaby off!) but my son is an extremely private guy and not a fan of social media so I must honor his wishes and keep Baby A’s pictures to myself. Trust me…he’s beautiful!

Writing and real life are sometimes like a bad blind date, aren’t they? But babies are the ultimate poetry. I love it when I return home from an hour of holding my grandson and find that I still have that baby smell on my sleeve. More relevent posts forthcoming after a brief hiatus to Babyland.

****I should add that I did get some writing done this morning. Two “litanies” for my collection. These poems have been sent off as samples to a book publisher. I am anxiously awaiting a response to this book proposal and attempting to write a few litanies each week.