Ready or Not!

True to form, the pace of my summer has not been conducive to a writing life. Usually, I completely table all writing and spend my time outdoors, mostly driving my son to and from summer tennis practices and tournaments. Normally, I embrace the hiatus from writing, however, in two days I board a plane for Ohio where I will begin Ashland University’s MFA program with a two-week writing residency. I am excited, nervous, and a bit freaked-out by having to pay my first year’s tuition. I feel like I can’t waste that much money. I now must succeed. Someone please define “success” for me.
Today, I unpacked my first box of poetry books and placed them on shelves in a new room in our new home. It felt like my mind was opening and I could breath again, to see my familiar friends–these books. In the next two days, I must select a poem to analyze and present at the residency and I must fill out workshop forms for the poems I have submitted for workshop at the upcoming residency.
Most importantly, tomorrow I have a hair appointment. Nothing saps my confidence like gray roots! By far the biggest surprise to me is the angst I feel over leaving my little grandson for two weeks! I like to pretend I am this independent woman with a poetry career, sports interests, friends, hobbies, etc….that little boy has me completely wrapped around his little finger.
It feels good to write something again, albeit a hastily scribbled blog post. It’s a start. All of life is a start, a box to unpack, a changing child to remember.

Baby…the ultimate writer’s block

I have the most adorable reason for not working on my writing all this week! My first grandson was born a few days ago so life as we know it has been temporarily suspended. I am cleaning and cooking and have to get my house ready for my daughters’ return this weekend. They are so excited to meet Baby A. I would post pictures (I would love to show my grandbaby off!) but my son is an extremely private guy and not a fan of social media so I must honor his wishes and keep Baby A’s pictures to myself. Trust me…he’s beautiful!

Writing and real life are sometimes like a bad blind date, aren’t they? But babies are the ultimate poetry. I love it when I return home from an hour of holding my grandson and find that I still have that baby smell on my sleeve. More relevent posts forthcoming after a brief hiatus to Babyland.

****I should add that I did get some writing done this morning. Two “litanies” for my collection. These poems have been sent off as samples to a book publisher. I am anxiously awaiting a response to this book proposal and attempting to write a few litanies each week.