God looks upon us and perhaps he sees

a trembling leaf folding in the rain

He sees, in all of our capability, a fragility.

We are dying in clusters now, laying low

and allowing fear to make us mean and disparaging

toward one another, as we try to make sense

of the senseless, we try to give voice to our limping hope.

In the distant horizon is a sun-sized moon and remembrance

of when we could run and when we believed so big in ourselves,

thinking we believed in God.

I think I will stand before God tonight with all of my wrinkles,

with make-up off, and I will celebrate the end of me that is

the beginning of God; my weaknesses that lay bare like open

trees, my voice cracking and soft and devoid of meaning.

Perhaps we can become like prayer, vacuous sounds that rise up

into a blank sky, that tell us nothing, yet fill us and equip us

to accept and to love and to heal.

By Prof. Snell

Poetry is my thing!

2 replies on “Fragility”

it seems I lay my open wounds in HIS bosom and am comforted by HIM. It seems prayers of others always help me move to that emotional mindset. Once in a while I cry out in despair. However, there are times I “cry out” with joy, too. Joy (like the hymn states) “unspeakable”….not that I can not speak….but, because i am in “so awesome wonder” (another hymn) remain speechless!
God bless my sister-in-Christ!! and THANK YOU for being one of those who pray!
Dave O. (alias – card partner)

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