When you miss someone

and that feeling is new

you can pinpoint the hole left in the place of daily filling

acutely aware, no beauty goes without notice

breath and friendship not taken for granted,

your mind can move forward and back at grief’s bidding,

it feels like paralysis and flight all at once

Every day, the face of the Earth loses a speck

and gains another, but I do not. I gain much from my loss–

words already spoken, a faith now cradling my restless head,

the significance of ordinary things. Is it marking time?

Or is it grabbing the colors of a universe bent upon painting

and framing the eternal in each one of us? When you miss someone

your soul is on fire, you know life in a singular way

you pick up the pencil and you trace the shapes.

By Prof. Snell

Poetry is my thing!

One reply on “When you miss someone”

YES! I am missing. Remembering! Continue to see Jaymie through friends, especially very close friends! Then my heart regains calmness and I live as she would want me to live….all for Jesus…all for making memories!
Dave O’Dell

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