Back at it–Summer

I have yet to find that writing “sweet-spot” since taking on a teaching job. I find myself so immersed in learning how to become a better teacher of writers that my own Writing Life has been neglected; although, I do believe that every facet and experience works ultimately toward the same end. I just look at the map of my writing journey right now, and I can’t see how all the roads are supposed to fit together. June has been all about Netflix, tennis, physical fitness pursuits, and family time. I have reconnected with my grandsons. I am cooking in my beautiful kitchen again. Life is good. Words are not appearing on a page, which feels unusual for me, but perhaps this month has been a time for filling up. Rest. I plan to resurrect this blog and post some present-tense stuff. Here’s to July. More filling. Some planning for fall semester. Perhaps some writing.

By Prof. Snell

Poetry is my thing!

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