The Six People


For the most part, the writer’s life is not a lonely one, but an “alone” one. We must have solitude–and lots of it–in order to do our jobs. I find that in my closest relationships, I fulfill one of the six people and sometimes multiples of the six people described in this article for my spouse, my sister, my children, my friends. In turn, when it comes to my personal life, my family and friends provide these for me, but I don’t have these six people coming alongside me in My Writing Life. This year I must do something about that. Whether it is getting back into an MFA program or finding writers’ groups to get feedback from or online relationships with more editors and writers or possibly all of the above, carving out my Writing Community and my place in it is essential to my survival as a freelancer. I might need a housekeeper too! First and foremost, I must find a way to feed my soul. I believe that God doesn’t give me a hunger that He doesn’t provide a means to fill, so where there is a will there is a way, especially when it is God’s will. Even in small town America there is art and inspiration to be found, and there are always plane tickets and day trips to larger cities. I have already inquired about getting involved in my local writers group. I plan to attend next month. What about you? What do you do as a writer to feed your soul?

By Prof. Snell

Poetry is my thing!

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