Submission. I am not fond of this word as it applies to marriage, church, authority or My Writing Life. This is the year, 2013, that I work diligently on submission.

I just spent the better part of my morning learning an electronic submission process known as “Hey Publisher,” and three hours into the process of putting my poems on deck for their “beaming up”, I realized that it takes me as long to submit my work as it does to write it in the first place! Not really…but the time drags in comparison to the time spent creating works of poetry or nonfiction.

This blog will serve as my documentation and therapy-of-sorts for all the rejection I am setting myself up for and calling it a job.

I am, for better or for worse, putting myself out there. If you would like to follow along with me…follow this blog. Here I  will briefly mourn the misunderstood (not poorly written…that can’t be it!) works which no one but me gets, and hopefully here I will celebrate when one of my creations makes it to a printed page somewhere in the obscure journals of lyric.

I will try to be brief, inspirational, and writer-esque. Most of all, I will try to be me.

By Prof. Snell

Poetry is my thing!

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